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About Clay and Carolyn Wright

With over 60 years of combined experience, and their backgrounds in both dressage and western riding, Clay and Carolyn team up to help people of all riding disciplines and skill levels create a deeper level of communication with the horse through understanding how to reach and communicate with the horse in both the physical (body) and energetic realms (mind, emotion, and spirit). Their schools are more than just the mechanics of working with the horse; they are an environment wherein self-discovery is the path to creating a deeper connection with the horse.

Clay grew up working cattle in the open range country of Utah where it was essential to have a horse that could help you get a job done in an efficient and harmonious way. As a result of this experience, he started on a quest for knowledge and developed a desire to have true communication with all horses. For over 25 years, Clay has been starting colts, working with troubled horses, and helping people refine and have a deeper level of communication with their horses. He sought out and learned from many of the finest teachers from various disciplines. Their influence has been a great inspiration to Clay, but he will tell you, “The horse has been my greatest teacher.” Clay primarily rides Western dressage, but is a continual student of Classical Dressage as well.   


"The horse has been my greatest teacher”

Clay Wright

Carolyn grew up riding as well. At 13, she was attacked by a ranch horse and seriously hurt. She says, “As a result of this accident, I started looking for something better with my horses. The horse attacked me because of the way adults treated him and no the horse was not beaten or abused - just misunderstood. But when he saw an opportunity to vent his frustrations on a smaller less powerful human he took advantage. However, I see people all the time who don’t know what the horse is communicating to them. I hope to be able to help them come to a greater understanding so that they can avoid an experience like I had.” Carolyn has been a serious student of the horse since the accident 28 years ago. She offers a unique insight into the fears many people experience when working with horses and how to transcend those fears.

At home on the CC Ranch, or traveling around the United States, Clay and Carolyn help people understand how to connect and work with the Whole horse - mind, body, emotion, and spirit.

1355 N. Center St.
Elmo, UT 84521

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