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Clay Wright Horsemanship Schools and classes offered at the CC Ranch were designed by Clay and Carolyn Wright to inform and educate people in the fundamental qualities of understanding feel along with the skills and ability to unite the aspects of what many people consider to be “different” riding disciplines. By unifying the principles of correct balance and movement from the classical dressage training with the contentment of the natural horsemanship training, you integrate balance with contentment.

“When these two things of balance and contentment come together, the horse is able to come onto the bit, into self-carriage assuming, holding, and adjusting their balance as we ask for various maneuvers and movements. This is what creates lightness, obedience, and responsiveness to very subtle aids, and it is what contributes to the longevity of the horse’s physical and mental health.

To create the conditions that make this outcome possible, it requires the horse to learn certain principles—one at a time and built one upon the next.” (See our educational information page for a deeper understanding of the basic principles.)

The basic principles are part of the whole of horsemanship, and of equal importance is the development of the human’s sense of feel. We believe that people can learn how to develop their sense of feel and refine their horsemanship skills in such a way that as we grow and learn we increasingly develop the ability to communicate with the horse through sensing and feel. This is expressed in the movements of a man and a horse dancing together as one, in harmony and unity—one mind, one movement, and one body.

When you know how to inspire your horse through feel rather than teaching cues and conditioned responses, you have the possibility to shift your communication to a clearer more meaningful level for the horse. This can change the way your hose thinks, moves, and behaves. Changing the horse’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is a natural result of using and refining your feel. Learning to sense and feel is what we believe natural horsemanship is all about. Natural horsemanship is understanding the nature of the hose, the nature of the human, and bringing these two natures together in harmony.

Regardless of the riding discipline you have chosen, the basis of that discipline can consist of solid foundation principles that allow you and the horse to grow together in a fashion that is best suited for both of you. Good horsemanship practices should not only take into account the end goals for the person, they also need to consider what the person needs to further develop in their understanding, skill level, and abilities, as well as what the horse needs to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. When all of these things are considered, the horse can offer the person what they want as an end result.


Attend a Clay Wright Horsemanship School and you will learn:

·         The basic principles that are fundamental to performing advanced maneuvers and overcoming problems for any riding discipline—western, dressage, reining, etc.

·         How to improve your horse’s attitude, balance, collection, and impulsion.

·         How to create the conditions to have a calm, responsive, and willing horse.

·         Techniques to overcome personal feelings of fear or inadequacies. 

·         How to go beyond the mechanics of horsemanship and make the “whole” connection—mind, body, emotions, and spirit!

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