Clay Wright will teach you the factors that help to create balance and refinement with the horse.


With a nod to the traditions of the Vaquero Bridle Horse and the old masters of French Classical Dressage, Clay Wright has been intuitively working with horses for 40 years. During this time, he has started thousands of colts, worked with troubled horses and through a unique combination of Working Ranch Horse, Classical Dressage, and Natural Horsemanship, Clay has trained horses to the finished high school level in the Vaquero Bridle Horse as well as the Double Bridle of Classical Dressage.

Regardless of your chosen riding discipline, solid foundation principles are necessary to producing good horsemanship.  Clay's level  of expertise suits any discipline. He has studied Classical Dressage as a basis for all disciplines. 

Accepting horses for training / colt starting / helping horses through behavioral issues / training for all levels to improve your horse in whatever activity or discipline you do with your horse.

We offer One-on-One Lessons, Group Lessons, Clinics and help out on the trail as well.

Paradise Ranch offers full and partial care horse boarding at their clean, well-appointed, and friendly facility. For more information or to make reservations call (541) 318-6077, or visit their Facebook page

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"I can not recommend Clay highly enough. As a teacher, his ability to explain the bio-mechanics of the rider’s body and aides, is impeccable and easily digestible. 

As a trainer, his understanding of the horse’s bio-mechanics is evident. He is fair and kind, and both treats and trains each horse as an individual. His training is effective and concise, and he easily gets to the heart of any issue. Working with Clay has changed everything about riding for me, and has been worth every penny. 

If you’re considering using his services, do not hesitate, he’s a magician."

— Ginny Barnett

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"Clay is a gifted horse trainer and instructor. He is extremely well read in 

classical dressage, a scholar of refinement and an all-around phenomenal horseman."

— Leta Young (Tulelake, CA)

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“It has been such an honor to know and work with Clay over the years. He is truly an insightful, gentle, kind, humble, and knowledgeable horseman. This refers 

not only to his horsemanship, but who he is as a human being. 

It always amazes me how, after working with a horse, they follow him around like a puppy. His passion for the horse and dedication to helping them feel peaceful is remarkable. 

His kindness allows his students to relax and learn, all the while mesmerized 

at his knowledge and abilities. 

His passion is contagious, and his instruction is invaluable. Truly an awesome soul!"

— Kathy Melichar 

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“Clay is a phenominal trainer for both horse and rider. He has worked with hree of my horses and each one has an improved topline. Their backs are stronger now that they are balanced; carrying and using their bodies correctly. I also love Clay's open mindset and his ability to give thoughtful answers to my challenging questions."

— Kerry Blomgren

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