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Clay Wright Horsemanship is designed to show you the details that create balance and refinement with the horse.

Regardless of your chosen riding discipline, solid foundation principles are necessary to producing good horsemanship.  Clay's level  of expertise suits any discipline. He had studied Classical Dressage as a basis for all disciplines. 

Newly relocated to  Bend, Oregon, Clay is currently accepting horses for training, both starting and re-starting. Your barn or his !!!

One on one lessons, Group Lessons, Clinics and help out on the trail as well.

 Make sure to check the Calendar for the Scheduled Clinics.

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What clients are saying...


“Clay is a gifted horse trainer and instructor. He is extremely well read in classical dressage, 

a scholar of refinement and an all-around phenomenal horseman. 

— Leta Young (Tulelake, CA)

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